Cloud Services

Achieve flexibility and drive business growth & efficiency with cloud hosting

With cloud services you eliminate the headaches IT can bring. This is because cloud eliminates the need to manage hardware and the costs associated with it. By virtualising your servers, you simply access your IT resources over the internet, whether that is a shared public cloud or a dedicated private cloud.

Cloud - Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

What is Cloud?

IaaS is a term used when computing resource is delivered as a service over the internet, cloud computing relies on sharing a pool of physical and/or virtual resources, rather than deploying local hardware and software.It offers one of the most straightforward models for delivering cloud, with IaaS your business is provided with the entire cloud infrastructure, from the networking, switches to the storage. Giving you the freedom to host your business applications on a 'ready-made' cloud, whilst benefiting from only paying for what you need.

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