Disaster Recovery

Business peace of mind from only £15 per month

As part of your team we will plan with you what measures need to be put into place to protect you should the worst befall your business. We realise that without your business data you have no business, and will apply a belt and braces solution with regular reporting and checkups to make sure that you are covered against fire, theft, flood, or those mistakes which seem to happen just when you don't need them. We aim to have you trading again within hours, rather than weeks so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

We offer an online backup service  in conjunction with other business protection measures we can take, so you can ensure your information is stored safely away from your premises. In the event of your computer system being stolen, burnt, drenched, magnetised or overwritten by accident, you can get back everything. Where possible we will offer a loan unit until we get you a replacement PC or server.

How your backup works

  • Local desktop, laptop, server or other storage devices are installed with our secure client software - an encryption key is kept securely by you and ourselves.
  • You make a choice about what you'd like backed up and the data selected for backup
  • The data is automatically backed up via a snapshot in time technology and sent to our secure datacentre.
  • The backup is replicated and them backed up again at as second location.


  • Automatic and secure
  • competitive fixed price plans staring at only £15 for 25GB
  • multiple file versions available - store for days weeks or years*
  • minimal data transfer and fast backup
  • Data stored securely offsite
  • Monitoring and support
  • Data stored only in the UK under UK data protection laws

According to AXA, 90% of businesses who do not have a tested backup never recover from a disaster scenario - this could be your business failing. Financial institutions and insurance brokers trust us with their data - you should too.


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* We can also offer you a 10 year archive for your hosted email solution - easily retrieve archived emails.

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