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Win more business and never have to deal with IT again.

Whether you’re a web designer, software developer or hosting provider, we want to play a part in your success. Want to add more value to the services you offer to your clients? 8086 IT can put the right tools in your hands. Free.

At 8086 IT we realise that partners come in all different shapes and sizes. As a result we have developed a few ways to engage with you:

8086 Ally

Any professional website design company should be an 8086 Ally. We will host your client websites, handle all technical support queries and email issues and make you look like a superstar! This also starts you down the path toward Partnership.

8086 Partner

Our partnership program allows you and your company to make steady streams of revenue every month by providing quality services to your customers including

  • Office 365
  • Corporate platform email
  • SharePoint collaboration platform
  • Cloud security services
  • VOIP services
  • Contract IT support
  • Cloud based backup

8086 Strategic Partner

Strategic partners fall short of Franchises, but have many of the benefits with little or no cost to either party. 8086 IT Solutions are in a position to help companies not only sell our products for mutual benefit, but also their own. By adding to your companies portfolio of products and providing advertising collateral branded with your own logo we can help you make more money, increase your product range and grow your business. this kind of partnership is best suited to related industries which is why we're keen to speak to software developers, Web companies, Graphic designers, telecoms professionals and even other IT companies.

If you'd likme to site down and find out what we can do for each other, we're listening - fill out our contact form, email us or just give us a ring!

Get in touch to learn more and discuss how we can work together.

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